A team of Jesuit educators from schools near and far visited Prep this week as part of the periodic sponsorship review process. The first stage of the process, an extensive self-study by the school, began last spring. Throughout the year, over recurring meetings of numerous committees, each member of Prep’s faculty, staff, and administration played a part in evaluating life at Grand & Warren through the lens of the standards outlined in Our Way of Proceeding. Trustees, parents, students, and alumni were also invited to give their input through various surveys.

During a three-day visit this week, the six-person team met with various Prep stakeholders to learn more about how the mission of Jesuit education is lived out in this particular time and place.

During a presentation after school Wednesday, the team reaffirmed the work of Prep’s self-study in all areas of school life. They were particularly impressed, they noted, with how Prep students had articulated their understanding and ownership of the work of Jesuit education.

The team members affirmed that they will recommend Prep’s continued sponsorship by the Province. The formal signing of the continued sponsorship agreement will take place at the Mass of the Holy Spirit this fall.

Our thanks to the visiting team members (above, left to right):

  • Ed Young (team chair; Xavier High School)
  • Samantha Lehn (Regis High School)
  • Tom Simisky, S.J. (Fairfield Prep)
  • Maura Toomb Estevez (Associate Provincial Assistant for Secondary Education)
  • Lauren Morton (Cristo Rey Atlanta)
  • Jim Kilroy (Gonzaga College High School)

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