The admissions office is bustling with activity these days, as the accepted students of the Class of 2023 move ahead with the enrollment process. 

This Wednesday, Prep welcomed some 55 young men who interviewed for the Sheehan Scholarship.  Following the interviews with Prep’s faculty and staff, a reception was held for the candidates and their parents (pictured above, as Mr. John Irvine, ’83, P’11, offered his welcome).

Looking ahead, this Sunday, January 27, is the Accepted Students’ Reception from 1-3PM, and finally, Tuesday, January 29 will wrap up our season with the Ignatian Scholars Dinner. Concurrently, Prep families are hosting Home Receptions throughout the region, which offer a great opportunity for Prep students and their parents to speak informally with 8th graders. 

“The boys who spoke were extremely articulate and gave detailed summaries of their experiences at Prep,” one Class of 2023 parent told the admissions staff. “I know this is nothing you haven’t heard before but I just wanted to let you know they did such a wonderful job!”

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