Recently, Prep has heard from a number of alumni and parents who sent in Annual Fund donations during the 2018 tax year, but who did not receive a written acknowledgment from Prep. In each case, our advancement staff has discovered no record of having received those gifts, which points to a possible issue with our local mail delivery.

Prep is extremely grateful for the support of the broader community beyond Grand & Warren whose generosity gives life to the work we do each day. To our knowledge, all calendar year 2018 gifts have already been acknowledged for tax purposes. If you have attempted to make a donation, and have not received an acknowledgment letter, there is a chance your gift did not reach us.

If you believe you have made an as-yet-unacknowledged gift to Prep, please do the following:

  • Check your bank or credit card statements to see whether your expected payment to Saint Peter’s Prep was posted.
  • If you do not see the expected payment posted, or if it has been posted but we have not acknowledged it, our advancement office will gladly help to rectify the situation.
  • Please contact Mr. Stephen F. Izzo, VP & Chief Advancement Officer at 201-547-6419 or .

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