Italian Language and Culture Day at Montclair State University celebrated its 10th anniversary last week, and as it has from the beginning, Prep sent a group of students to participate in the competition. The 8 students, representing three class years, worked together to produce a five-minute skit, in Italian, and took first place against tough competition from throughout New Jersey.

This year’s theme was “I Capolavori” / “Masterpieces” and performances ranged from art to film.  Prep performed a skit about the marvels of five of Italy’s 54 UNESCO sites. Pope Francis (in cardboard cutout form, on loan from Fr. Azzarto in the Bronx) was able to join the group this year as he was assigned to explain to Joe Doody (lead actor) the marvels of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica.

The skit followed a student running a marathon (by himself) from northern to southern Italy, stopping at 5 UNESCO sites as they were presented to him by a delegate, mayor, or the Pope. This ambitious runner’s goal? Achieving extra credit to get into AP Italian his senior year.  (“A bit ridiculous, yes,” noted Ms. Rosalie Romano, chair of Prep’s Modern Language department, “but it got laughs from the judging panel!”

Congratulations to the winning team!

Anthony D’Angelico
Ryan Emma
Garrett Gualtieri
Joseph Doody
Anthony Ionta
Brendan Nestor
Joaquin Matti
Andrew Smith

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