Thirteen students from Kent Place School in Summit spent the day at Prep this Wednesday, attending classes with their Prep hosts and joining in small-group discussions with underclassmen about gender equality and related issues.

It was the first half of an exchange organized by students from both schools – members of Prep’s Student Diversity Board, and Kent Place’s GLAM’D. A group of Prep students will spend a day at Kent Place next month.

The exchange has its roots in discussion among Diversity Board members last year. Students expressed a desire to be able to have conversations around issues that are manifest (and often contentious) in the real world, but that are not necessarily addressed in the classroom.

Rather than the typical “PM in the AM” (Prep Man in the Morning) assemblies that begin most Wednesdays during the school year, freshmen and sophomores gathered at day’s end for a “PM in the PM” session in the gym. They received an introduction by Student Council president and Diversity Board member Mason Holland, ’19. They then split into smaller groups for a frank and often lively dialogue on such topics as media stereotyping of men and women, and even the different meanings different people ascribe to terms like “feminism.”

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