Fourteen students and one teacher from Istituto Gonzaga in Palermo, Sicily arrived this past weekend as the long-running partnership between these two Jesuit schools continues. This is already the third exchange group to visit Prep this fall!

This year’s Italian exchange was scheduled to allow our guests to experience the Thanksgiving holiday with their American host families. According to Ms. Rosalie Romano, modern language department chair and the director of the Italian Exchange program, the only prior exchange that coincided with Thanksgiving, in 2009, ” was a great success. Our guests loved being part of our American tradition and sharing this experience with Prep families which led to many long-lasting friendships.”

Our guests have been with us on campus this week, and will enjoy a number of off-campus excursions during the break, as well as a visit to the Guggenheim Museum and Central Park next Tuesday, before returning home December 4.

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