With distance-learning firmly established, there have been no students (aside from those picking up items from their lockers on March 16) and very few adults on campus for nearly two weeks. Nearly all Prep business, academic and otherwise, has been conducted from home. One notable exception has been Prep’s operations team, who have been hard at work to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our buildings.

Last week, working methodically and thoroughly, the team completed a deep clean of the six main buildings, sanitizing surfaces by hand and treating each room with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. This week, the Perkins Athletic Center received the same treatment.

Daily cleanings will continue throughout the campus closure, and at least one more deep clean will take place before we return to campus. It’s just another way in which the often overlooked efforts of the operation staff help everyone at Prep stay safe and healthy every day. But this work has never been more important, and the Prep community as a whole has never been more grateful.

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