Together. It’s a simple, powerful message, and one that bears repeating in the best of times. And in these days of separation and isolation, it bears repeating louder and prouder. Together. Prep Strong. Jersey City Strong. On Wednesday, the large banner that has hung on the outside wall of the gym for several weeks met its bigger brother, which completely fills the space between the third- and fourth-floor windows of the English building.

Filling the space between the third- and fourth-floor windows, the 36-foot-wide vinyl sheet recalls an old Prep tradition of hanging banners from the building in advance of a big game…but instead of taunting an athletic rival, this time the message is one of unity.

If the sign on the gym was a bold message of hope to Prep’s immediate neighbors, this one is, as Mr. DeAngelo described it, “a beacon,” visible from blocks away.

The banners (another, smaller one faces Grand Street from the wall of O’Keefe Commons) are meant to be a rallying point for the Prep family as a challenging fourth quarter of the school year winds down, but also a tribute to essential workers and first responders in Jersey City, many of whom have Prep connections of their own. “We are in awe of all the people on the front lines,” Dr. Gomez said. “As always, we are proud to be located in the heart of Jersey City. Our students come from every town in Hudson County and some 135 other communities in our state. In this time of turmoil, we are together as one Prep family.”

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