As a young alumnus and staff member at Saint Peter’s Prep, walking through the institution we once called home is a daily blessing and reminder of the four-year journey that started it all. So much has changed at Prep, but the values instilled by names like Dandorph, Dondero, Campion, DeLorenzo, Azzarto, Scibilia, Koszyk and Kennedy spark memories that remind us of what makes Grand & Warren so special. Alumni make it a priority to let their loved ones know that their foundation began at 144 Grand. 

Though not a Saint Peter’s Prep grad himself, Nick Lynch has an incredible affinity for the school…and if you ever had met his late dad Tom, one of the proudest members of the Class of ’54, you would know where this comes from.

Tom died in 2018, and in a wonderful gesture to honor his memory, Nick very generously has offered a Challenge Grant of $25,000, which will match gifts by Prep’s “young alumni” to the Annual Fund made during the month of June 2020.

Specifically, Nick defines “young alumni” as graduates of the last 25 years (the classes of 1995-2019)—thus creating The Tom Lynch, ’54 $25K for 25 Years Challenge.

New gifts to the Annual Fund by these designated “young alumni” will be double-matched during June. 

“He would quote Latin passages and revel in the way his Prep teachers had prepared him for college,” Nick added, noting that his family’s relocation prevented him from following in his father’s footsteps. “In my heart, I think my dad would love this gesture—helping a new generation of young men to earn his same diploma.”

Significantly, the Tom Lynch, ’54 Challenge Grant overlaps with the current Sheehan Challenge Grant, with both concluding on June 30, 2020. Thus, new gifts to the Annual Fund by these designated “young alumni” will be double-matched during June. 

Gifts can be made online, by mailing a check (made out to “Saint Peter’s Prep”), or via Venmo @SaintPetersPrep. For further information, please email or call 201-547-6413.       

Mike Murcia, ’08 is Prep’s Director of Alumni Relations

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