Above: Ms. McElroy, Mr. Comey, Mr. Pastorek, Mr. Quinn, and Ms. Norstrom

Mr. DeAngelo recently announced that several faculty members have been appointed to the Ignatian and Sheehan Scholarship programs to serve as mentors and directors.  Ms. Mary Anne McElroy and Mr. Tom Comey will join Ms. Trish Fitzpatrick on the Sheehan team, and Mr. Casey Quinn and Mr. Remi Pastorek will serve as the Directors of the Ignatian team. 

Ms. Mary Anne McElroy has taught at Prep for 15 years. She works with juniors and seniors in one of Prep’s most challenging courses, AP United States History I and II.  Many of our graduates comment that these courses were both the most difficult and exciting classes of their Prep career, and that “college courses are easy after APUSH (as it is commonly known).”  Ms. McElroy is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s College and also holds a Master’s Degree in History from Saint John’s University.  She helped to develop the curriculum for the Gilder Lehrman Saturday Academies for American History, a national enrichment program for students. Ms. McElroy has participated in many interesting professional development courses, most notably a residency at Mount Vernon, the home of her favorite American, George Washington.  She is also co-moderator of the Celtic Club. Ms. McElroy and Mr. Comey will work with Sheehan Program Director Trish Fitzpatrick, of the Admissions Department, who has directed the Sheehan program since its inception in 2011.

Mr. Thomas  Comey is the chair of the Science Department and has been at Prep for 10 years.  He earned his B.S. degree in Chemistry from New Jersey City University and earned a Master’s in Education from Saint Peter’s University.  He is currently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  He has been instrumental in reimagining the Science curriculum at Prep to offer students more choices and opportunities.  Mr. Comey is also very active in Prep’s co-curricular scene, having been the Yearbook moderator, the moderator of Marauder Nation, a frequent retreat director, and a participant in all but one of the Sheehan Leadership Retreats.

In addition, Ms. Jessica Nordstrom of the Guidance and College Counseling Department will be working with the scholars on a number of new initiatives, mostly around the areas of stress management and mindfulness.  Ms. Nordstrom has been at Prep for 8 years and, in that time, has been both a freshman and an upperclassman counselor.  She is the Director of the Sheehan College Trip and has joined us on the Sheehan Leadership Retreat.  She earned her B.A. at Villanova University and also holds both an M.Ed. and M.A. in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She is also co-moderator of our chapter of the National Honor Society, co-moderator of our Yoga Club, and a certified yoga instructor.

Heading up the Ignatian Scholars Program will be Mr. Remi Pastorek and Mr. Casey Quinn.  Mr. Pastorek is entering his fifth year at Prep and has taught for nine years overall, including one year in France.  As the sole French teacher at Prep, Mr. Pastorek teaches every level of the language, from Level 1 to AP.  This unique experience gives him the opportunity to see real growth in students starting from a novice to an advanced-level speaker.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in French from Louisiana State University, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from Centenary College of Louisiana.  Mr. Pastorek has also participated in many interesting professional development opportunities, most notably a scholarship to participate in valuable teacher training at CAVILAM in Vichy, France, one of the world’s most prestigious centers for French language acquisition.  At Prep, he serves as moderator of the French Club, Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society), the biennial French Exchange, and he also enjoys participating in the school’s many retreats and school trips each year.

Mr. Quinn is the assistant chairperson of the Mathematics Department and is currently in his ninth year teaching at Prep.  He earned his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Georgetown University and his M.A. degree in Education from Saint Peter’s University.  Mr. Quinn has taught many Ignatian scholars and currently teaches the PreCalculus Honors and AP Calculus BC courses.  He also serves as the co-moderator of the Economics Club, which has participated in the Euro Challenge and Fed Challenge over the past several years.  

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