The paths that lead to Prep are as different as the young men who walk them. Some took that first step as children, when a brother or cousin or father or uncle or grandfather told them a story about life at Grand & Warren or took them to a basketball or football game. Some might have seen a maroon sweatshirt around the neighborhood, those big white letters P-R-E-P inspiring a question to the wearer about his school. Perhaps a teacher or parent suggested checking out Prep’s Virtual Open House. But wherever and whenever it started, each member of the Class of 2025 has already begun his personal Prep journey. It will come to define who he is, what he values, and what he will do to shape his world. It will stretch to graduation and beyond – far beyond! – for the rest of his days. Thursday marked one early milestone in those journeys as a decision letter was mailed to each applicant.

As the applicants await their letters, let’s take a look at the Class of ’25 applicant pool:

As in recent years, the registration process for the Class of 2025 will take place entirely online. Instructions for enrollment can be found in the packet mailed to accepted students

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