This week marked another milestone in the process of restoring the vibrancy of Prep life to pre-pandemic levels. Starting Monday, the Pride and Glory cohorts of the senior class were merged, allowing the majority of the Class of 2021 to attend all classes in person for the first time all year. The sight and sound of more students on campus brought renewed energy to Prep’s halls and built anticipation for merging the remaining classes’ cohorts following the Easter break.

Senior members of Prep’s Student Council with their counterparts from Saint Dominic Academy on Tuesday.

The return of more seniors to campus enabled some spring traditions to return as well. Prep’s senior Student Council members hosted their counterparts from Saint Dominic Academy for the day on Tuesday, and paid a return visit to SDA on Wednesday. In addition, the end of the school day has seen the Warren Street plaza dotted with rectangles of maroon as seniors pick up their congratulatory yard signs—a gift from Prep to the last several senior classes—from the Freshman for a Day room.

These signs of spring are always welcome at Grand & Warren, but just 12 months after so much of the joy that accompanies life at Prep was put on hold as the pandemic began, they truly bring hope for what lies ahead.

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