This week, Prep’s Principal, James C. DeAngelo, ’85, announced that the 2021-22 school year will be his last in that role. Mr. DeAngelo is Prep’s third lay principal, and 46th overall, and the conclusion of his 15-year tenure in the position will coincide with Prep’s 150th anniversary next spring.

“I am beyond grateful for the many blessings my work has given me,” Mr. DeAngelo wrote in a message to Prep parents. Certainly, Prep is—and will remain—grateful for the many gifts he has given in return. After spending 16 of the previous 18 years as a member of Prep’s faculty, Mr. DeAngelo was appointed principal prior to the 2007-08 school year. The years since have seen exponential growth in numerous areas of academic life at Prep, from the continual refinement of the curriculum to enhanced professional development for faculty and staff; from the ongoing introduction and integration of new educational technology at Grand & Warren to the rapid expansion of Prep’s global connections to partner schools around the world. Prep’s understated principal would be quick to point out that everything Prep achieves is a collaborative effort, but his leadership in those (and many other) initiatives would be difficult to ignore.

Prep’s President, Michael Gomez, Ed.D., ’91 summed it up: “We will have opportunities to formally thank Jim next year, but please know how grateful I am for his leadership and dedication to Prep, especially through some extremely challenging circumstances over the last 14 years. His steady hand has steered Saint Peter’s Prep through the uncertain days of Superstorm Sandy and the uncertain months of the global pandemic, and helped us to emerge from those experiences stronger than ever—Prep strong.”

“In the coming weeks, we will announce plans for the process of identifying our next principal,” Dr. Gomez added, “but as we conclude this school year, please join me in thanking and congratulating Mr. DeAngelo for his outstanding work. I look forward to another incredible year together as we celebrate Prep’s 150th anniversary.”

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