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Pop quiz: does the following scenario describe 1989 or 2019? With the state championship on the line, Prep Football battles back late in the fourth quarter, stringing together a relentless drive. A touchdown brings the score within one. The team, the staff, and the head coach are of one mind: there is nothing “safe” about kicking for the extra point and the tie, only to leave the outcome of the game in the hands of a tough opponent. Seizing one of life’s all-too-rare opportunities to control one’s own destiny, Prep goes for two and the win, the offense clicks for one more magical play, and the rest is history.

Of course, both answers are correct. The head coach, either way, is Rich Hansen, bookending a legendary career. These are by no means Prep Football’s only wins in this fashion (the most recent example came just last month vs. Seton Hall!) but they are certainly iconic. In episode 3 of Pride & Stories, players, coaches, and fans tell the story. Twice.

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