As part of Prep’s sesquicentennial celebration, we’ll be polling Prep alumni throughout the school year to compile your favorites in various areas of school life. Read on for the results of our Memorable Math Teachers poll, plus the question for our next poll!

Question 3 results

Prep men from 1951 until 1982 cite Mr. Charles Rooney as their most memorable math teacher. Mr. Rooney was inducted into Prep’s very first Legends class in 1993. He was recognized for his 38-year career at Prep, and also for being “a true father figure to many young men who have attended Saint Peter’s.  In fact, every one of his 4,750 students was called “son” – and treated as such.”  Mr. Bob McGuinness, also a Prep Legend, was mentioned by many.  Here’s one of the stories: 

I actually ran into Mr. McGuinness about three or four years after high school,  when I was attending Seton Hall. I didn’t realize, but he was teaching evening classes. I remember having a difficult time with an advanced math class, and he graciously met with me and coached me through some assignments. A prince of a guy. Unpretentious. If I recall, he was a Marine and had fought in Korea. Classes usually started with his entreaty, “OK, let’s get mathematically orientated.

Thirty different Prep math teachers got at least one mention, and these were the ten (actually 11) who were mentioned most frequently:

  • Mr. Charley Rooney, P’67,’69
  • Mr. Bob McGuinness, P’69,’73,’80
  • Mr. Bob Howard, ‘41, P’67
  • (tie) Fr. Fred Pellegrini, S.J. and Ms. Sue (Grabler) Dillane, P’16,’18
  • Mr. Charles Carey, ‘55 and Mr. Ken Dandorph (tie)
  • (tie) Mr. Jim Hollywood, ‘66, Mr. Jack O’Donnell, Mr. Bob McDermott, and Mr. John Duffy, ‘21

Of course, Mr. Duffy was a member of the Prep class of 1921, not 2021!

Question 4 poll

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