A rich variety of co-curricular activities has been a defining quality of Prep life for decades, and in round 4 of the Prep Top 10, we asked you to name the most unusual Prep club you can remember, and unsurprisingly, we got an intriguing mix of responses. Here are the 10 unusual Prep clubs that got the most mentions, spanning not only the decades (with responses from the classes of 1951-2020) but also an incredible range of interests.

  • The Tie Club*
  • Model Railroad Club
  • Star Wars Club
  • Seinfeld Club
  • Saddle and Bridle Club
  • Radio Club
  • Godzilla Club
  • Soccer Club*
  • Greek Club
  • Stock Market Club

Some brief notes on two of the clubs:

The Soccer Club was a precursor to the Prep Soccer program that remains active today, having been added to the varsity athletic offerings in the 1970s. The Soccer Club began in the fall of 1967, and posted a 5-4 record in friendly competition during its inaugural year, under the guidance of Coach Anthony Verdoni.

The Tie Club, in the words of club founder Dave Bailey, ’95, now Prep’s Director of Educational Technology, “was essentially the field trip club. We were all-inclusive and considered everybody a member. We also wore extremely ugly ties.” The club persisted for at least a decade, and popular field trip destinations included Medieval Times, Shea Stadium, movies, and, because it’s important for at least some of a club’s activities to stay on-topic, “many trips to NYC to buy $1 ugly ties from the guys selling them on street corners.”

Through the decades, another Prep club (the Petrean staff, of course) has documented these and many more co-curricular offerings, so if your curiosity has been piqued, the Petrean archive is a great place to learn more!

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