The Periodic Table, frog dissections, the Van de Graff generator, being called a “dim bulb” . . .  so many memories associated with Prep science teachers.  Prep men from 1954 to 2022 responded to the survey and 18 different teachers were acknowledged.  Father Peter Hess topped the list.  One alumnus commented, “He had a true love of science and it rubbed off on us.”  Father Tom O’Connor was mentioned often.  As a former student stated, “He was the sort of person you just don’t forget.”  Another shared this anecdote about Mr. Don Merrick. “On the first day of class he had us write what name we wanted to be called. Unbeknownst to me, a classmate changed my name to Skip. First physics class I raise my hand and he says, ‘go ahead Skip.’ I correct him and tell him my name is John. He responds, ‘If it’s on the sheet on the first day, your name is Skip.’ I had no response. Remembering this brings a smile and a laugh.  Rest in peace Mr. Merrick.” 

Here are the ten names we heard most frequently:

  • Fr. Peter Hess, S.J.
  • Fr. Tom O’Connor, S.J.
  • Mr. Joseph Lupardo, 1929
  • Mr. Frederick Miller
  • Mr. Greg Boyle
  • Mr. James Tiffaro
  • Mr. Don Merrick
  • Sister Frances Marie Duncan, O.S.F.
  • Ms. Adele Le Calvez
  • Fr. John Bauer, S.J.

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