The responses to our survey on intramurals didn’t turn up that many different sports, but it did conjure memories of spirited competitions, homeroom pride, and questionable choices of athletic attire and/or pre-game meals. Read on for the most popular responses and some intramural memories, then vote in our next poll about memorable history teachers!

Clear favorites emerged in the intramural sports category, so our list this week is a short one. Here are the most frequent responses:

  • Basketball This was by far and away the most popular, getting support from alumni spanning the 1950s to the 2000s.
  • Androball Alumni from the past 20 years or so will know this one, but for the benefit of the full audience, Androball is a Prep-specific game inspired by Olympic handball and named after onetime phys ed teacher Chris Andreadis, ’94, who popularized it. It has been a staple of phys ed classes, HAP, and intramurals ever since.
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how often these contests would take place during lunch, allowing little time for changing clothes, we heard a number of memories of playing in school clothes, then returning to class rather sweaty or with ripped pants, while one respondent remembered another sartorial aspect of intramurals: “It seemed like every homeroom had uniform shirts with clever names.” Another recalled “Playing on the indoor court in impromptu games on any free time with socks made for many slips and falls. You learned to play slower when necessary.”

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