Graduates from 1967 through 2020 shared memories of their Prep history teachers. Beyond the dates and names and facts, teachers brought history to life. Every lesson was a chance to learn something new and to probably be entertained at the same time. Peruse the results, then vote in our next poll about teachers’ catchphrases!

Not surprisingly, Mr. Carl DeLorenzo was mentioned most often.  As one alumnus stated, “His teaching style and personality were second to none.”  Others remembered the touch football games in Lincoln Park, organized by Mr. D.
Some recounted the many one-liners from Mr. Mike Grey or the rubber lobster he would toss at dozing students.

More recent alumni recalled Ms. Mary Anne McElroy as “having such a great depth of knowledge” and a more frightening memory of her “talk to the class before senior prom.” Other younger alumni spoke of Mr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10 and how he “made being a freshman so much easier.”

Here are the ten names we heard the most frequently:

  • Mr. Carl DeLorenzo, ’67
  • Mr. Michael Gray
  • Mr. Anthony Keating, ’78,P’10
  • Ms. Mary Anne McElroy
  • Fr. Arthur Bender, S.J.
  • Fr. Matthew Cassidy, S.J.
  • Mr. Richard DiClemente
  • Mr. Steve Harz
  • Mr. Robert Mulvihill
  • Mr. Richard Riccio

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