November 26, 2019

Dear Prep Family,

Greetings from 144! On Fridays this year, we have closed out the day with the playing of our alma mater, “Pride & Glory.” It really is a great way to begin the weekend, whether we are looking forward to a cross country championship meet, the beginning of the Italian Exchange, a football state playoff game, or a Vox performance. We ended this past week as we have ended each week with these final words: The gifts you have given, we shall never forget. 

Very often, when Prep alumni think of the gifts Prep has given us, we think about the lifelong lessons we have learned from our time at Grand & Warren—lessons about friendship, commitment, faith, and intellectual curiosity, just to name a few. Of course, at Prep we learn that love is at the core of every bit of it all.

In these first months as president, I have seen these lessons lived out in everyday gifts. I have seen students filling the pews at a funeral when a classmate or faculty member has lost a loved one. I felt the welcoming environment that has greeted exchange students from Spain, France, and Italy. I have celebrated with the crowds as our football team battled its way to three fourth-quarter comebacks to reach the state final. I have watched 30 students take over a floor of Hogan Hall for a Super Smash Bros. tournament after school. I have witnessed alumni honored at our Athletic Hall of Fame dinner who, to a person, expressed tremendous gratitude for being a Marauder on a Prep team. 

Of course, here at the end of November, we are particularly mindful of the gift of gratitude as we celebrate Thanksgiving, and we head into the holiday with our annual interfaith prayer service. But when I think of gratitude at Saint Peter’s Prep, it has never been confined to any one time or place. Here at 144, gratitude is everywhere, woven into everything we do and everything we hope to be. 

With this spirit in mind, I am so grateful for the love and work of our faculty, staff, and administration. When I taught English here 20 years ago, I liked to say my colleagues and I never got up to go to work or school…we got up to go to Prep. That remains as true as ever today. Along with the continued support of our entire Prep family, it’s what allows us to continue the amazing work that began here in downtown Jersey City 147 years ago.

On behalf of all of us at Grand & Warren, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Pride and Glory,

Michael A. Gomez, Ed.D., ’91

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