The topic of memorable teacher catchphrases elicited the most responses to date. From Mr. Duffy calmly saying, “Mr. ____, please step outside,” to Mr. Howard chiding a boy to “Get off your wallet,” to Mr. Keating encouraging a student with “Go man, go!” we hear the words and are instantly transported back to the classroom.

Teachers tossed these lines around to get students’ attention, to make a point, or perhaps to lighten the mood.  They were never intended to be catchphrases and most teachers would be surprised and maybe even flattered that their words are still recalled with such precision and fondness.

Given the nature of this poll, a true “top 10” wasn’t practical. In fact, even this rather arbitrary top 10 gleaned from a vast and varied selection of responses contains 11 entries. Enjoy!

  • Not today, son. Not today. Mr. Charley Rooney, P’67,’69
  • Okay, now solve for the ”Gozinta “ Mr. Bob Howard, ’41, P’67
  • Take out your notebooks. Let’s get mathematical! Mr. Bob McGuinness, P’69,’73,’80
  • Gee, I’m a tree Mr. Jack O’Donnell
  • Go man, go! Mr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10
  • La-la-loooo! Come back! (singing, to a daydreaming student) Mr. Jack Casey
  • Forsooth and indeed! Mr. Jack Campion
  • You can pay me now, or you can pay me later. Mr. Ken Dandorph, P’86
  • This is not a panel show! Mr. Leonard Fordellone
  • Hey tough guy! Deacon John O’Neill
  • Thanks for coming, nice to have you. Fr. Ed Dolan, S.J.

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