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Here’s what students are saying…

I enjoyed showing the exchange students my daily routine. My favorite experiences were explaining American customs and culture to them when they were confused. To help a student who was curious about my way of living to understand these concepts made me feel like I was adding to their experience.

Spanish Exchange, 2016

Being in a new place, getting to meet my host family and essentially becoming a part of their family.

Spanish Exchange, 2017

The best part about about the exchange abroad was the total immersion in Spanish culture that I got to experience while in Spain. Learning about Spanish culture first hand, especially tasting it by eating the food, was by far the best part of the exchange abroad for me.

Spanish Exchange, 2017

I loved exploring on our own in Toulouse. I wish we could have done more exploring in Paris. I also loved having easter weekend alone with our families to do fun activities and travel outside of the group

French Exchange, 2017

The time to explore the cities and the culture on our own was really special. Especially in Rome, when we were allowed to walk around and find somewhere to eat lunch. I felt like those were the times when students truly felt immersed in the culture.

Italian Exchange, 2017

I was scared about hosting my exchange partner at first. I did not what to expect and I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make a good impression. However, everything went smoothly. We got along really well and that definitely helped when I traveled abroad. I was able to adjust to her family life as she did the same with mine and it was honestly the best thing that did during my time at Prep.

Italian Exchange, 2017

My favorite part about traveling abroad was the kindness of my host family. They were some of the nicest people that I have met, and they truly wanted to help me have the best experience possible. The family of my partner did more than I expected them to do, and, from my conversations with my fellow American students, I believe that everyone had a similar experience with their host families.

Peruvian Exchange, 2017

What I liked the most was getting to show my exchange partner around my town and New York/New Jersey, as well as teaching him the language. I found that to be great because it gave me a chance to teach someone about something. It was also enjoyable to visit landmarks that I would probably never visit like the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom tower.

Spanish Exchange, 2018

Here’s what parents are saying…

Having the Exchange student stay with us allowed us to get to know him well and allowed for a less “formal” relationship as we went about everyday schedule. While he was a guest, we ended up viewing him as a member of our family.

Italian Exchange

I love the idea of a cultural exchange. It was also interesting to see that teenage boys, moreover, city kids, seem to be more alike than I would have thought previously.

Peruvian Exchange

We just enjoyed having someone new around. It is always fun to be a tourist together and to share new places, foods, ideas, etc.

Spanish Exchange

Getting to know the student and learning how their life is both different and the same as ours was wonderful.

German Exchange

The best part of hosting a student was meeting her, learning about her culture, and showing/teaching her things about our culture.

Italian Exchange

Here’s what faculty & staff are saying…

The exchange programs are a great way to promote the study of a language and a culture and give the students the opportunity to travel and broad their understanding of the world.

I always like to hear how math is taught in other countries especially because it’s a universal language.

Chaperoning excursions and getting to know the students and other chaperones is a highlight of my year.

It’s always a pleasure to talk with the chaperones about their school.

It’s fun when you can involve the students in class discussions.

The interaction of the students shows how we are a real global Jesuit Community.


Are you an alum who participated in an Exchange program during your time at Prep? We would love to hear from you! Please consider filling out this form and tell us how traveling abroad at a young age has influenced your life after Prep.

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