Prep’s new Science National Honor Society chapter welcomed its first inductees (24 seniors, 34 juniors, and 24 sophomores) during a ceremony last week.

Prep becomes the latest school to join this national organization, established in 2000 with the following goals:

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
  • To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science 
  • To communicate with the scientific community
  • To aid the civic community with its comprehension of science
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind. 

Members of Prep’s science department have worked for several years to organize a chapter at Grand & Warren. “The Science Department has worked tirelessly to become a cohesive group that encourages all of our students to think critically about the world around them,” said Ms. Catie Eppler, assistant department chair. “We hope to honor our students that have challenged themselves in the science classroom. Also, we hope to encourage students to continue developing their scientific thinking even if they do not pursue a science major beyond Prep.”

Mr. Tom Comey, department chair, extended an additional credit to Enric Adillon, ’16, who helped to organize a Science Society club during his senior year. “He started the ball rolling to get us to this point,” Mr. Comey said. “He deserves credit for sparking the idea!”

Please join us in congratulating the first inductees!

Class of 2020

Mark Apadeer
Pax Ardanz
Suvan Bhat
Edmund Broderick
Connor Chapman
Youness Cheboubi
James Conti
Matthew Cugliari
Kevin Diaz
Colin Elliott
George Flanagan
Nicolas Gronda
Salvatore Imbornone
Anthony Ionta
Jake Nowak
Gabriel Santiago
Alejandro Schnettler
Giovanni Sotomayor
Pavol Spiska
Jason Tarantino
Brady Truppner
Nichola Uy
Peter Vazquez
Joseph Vuolo

Class of 2021

Eli Blumenfeld
Tomasz Botwicz
Chase Bradshaw
Connor Caloni
Anthony Cinquina
Sam Cooper
Thomas DaCostaLobo
Ethan Eig
Owen Fletcher
John Galasso
Seshan Ganesan
Matthew Gasak
Eric Han
Blake Jacey
Mitchell Jackson
Timothy Jimenez
Vikram Kadyan
Shivansh Kumar
Aramchan Lee
Ian Alexander Lee
Andrew Lin
Henry Longo
Soren Mayendia
Patrick McCabe
Matthew Page
Maximillian Rueda
Rodolfo Sanchez
Andrew Smith
John Thorburn
Christian Torres
Casey Truppner
Antonio Villatoro
Ian Wilson
Lorenzo Zamarra

Class of 2022

Dermot Alvidrez
Connor Bankuti
Zachary Brentjens
Agostino Chiaravalloti
Salomon Dau
Samuel Dau
Josef Dirx
Blaise Edwards
Logan Elliot
Andrew Fernandez
Aidan Ferreira
Christopher Gliatto
Gage Lucken
Cyril Maliakal
Julian Mariscal
Nicholas Marusic
Nicholas Matos
Thomas Matos
Joshua Pascale
Alexander Puhak
Jason Rowe
Benjamin Rubin
Gabriel Russo
Antonio Vivero

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